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Haute Macabre Interview

"Ah, books! How do we love thee? (Quite a lot, as you might ascertain from the enthusiasm for our Stacked feature!) Sturdy spines enveloping stories and secrets yet untold,  gilt-embellished covers, glimmering and hinting at undiscovered worlds, the rasp of papery promises as one by one the pages turn and the tale unfolds! And no one, I think, has a better understanding of how to create the perfect vessel for these mysteries and adventures, than Nate McCall of McCall Company."

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Dear Darkling Making-of Feature

"As a very particular kind of witch, it takes a very particular type of journal to satisfy my grimoire needs. No two dollar composition notebook from Wal-Mart is going to cut it. I want leather, I want hand-tooling, I want paper so thick I can hear my pen scritch as I write down my spells and incantations. In a word, I want what McCall Company is selling."

"Using archival quality materials, these journals are not only beautiful, but also meant to last not only through your life, but that of whomever you would chose to pass the book on to."

"You can tell that there was a human hand behind the creation of even the very pages the book is comprised of."

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Dirge Magazine review

"I find that I often pick this book up just to hold it; to feel its weight and run my fingers over the face and spine."

"...the quality and longevity is what you’re paying for. Think about it; what was the last thing you bought that you could expect to last 100 years?"

"...this is one of the nicest books I’ve ever held in my hands. This is a book out of time. It is beautiful and unique and I will pass it along to my children one day – along with whatever I decide to write in it."

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Dirge Magazine interview

“People are starting to get ready to say goodbye to Walmart and start shopping small more. Yes, something handcrafted is more expensive, but you know that it’s the product of hours and months and years of passion and effort.”

“I remember back when I was 15 or 16, on a school trip to Italy, we were in Florence, and we went to this old leather shop. I had bought a glasses case, and they had this guy there who would tool your initials in gold onto whatever you bought. I watched him do this, and I remember thinking that it was the coolest fucking thing I had ever seen.”

Nate McCall of McCall Company Handcrafted Goods was asked to take part in an article about the rise of ancient crafts in dark culture. Read the full article here! LINK