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Helena Aguilar Mayans/The Seamstress of Rohan/Under the Pyramids

Ongoing collaboration with photographer Helena Aguilar Mayans and seamstress Lizzie Siddal (The Seamstress of Rohan), featuring jewelry by Under the Pyramids

Helena Aguilar Mayans: IG: @helenaether

The Seamstress of Rohan: IG: @somniumdantis @theseamstressofrohan

Under the Pyramids: IG: @underthepyramids

katrin Albert/Strange Fire and Fumery

Katrin Albert:  IG: @katrin_albert

Strange Fire and Fumery: IG:

Katrin Albert/PhantomLovely


Katrin Albert is an incredibly talented photographer who I had the great pleasure of working with on this collaboration. My books "The Adventurer's Travelogue" and the black "Classic II" were provided for the shoot, and she is wearing jewelry by Bloodmilk and clothing by PhantomLovely; her assistant Julia Kr. was her second shooter. Her posts about the shoot can be found here and here

Katrin Albert:  IG: @katrin_albert

PhantomLovely:  IG: @phantomlovely

Julia Kr.: @_oscillare