McCall Co. Handcrafted Goods

A bookbindery specializing in fine leather bindings

 An example of gold tooling

An example of gold tooling

Some writings aren't meant to last forever, but others are, and if you want yours to survive for future generations, you need a journal that will last. I strive to create books that can be carried through the years and passed down to your children and their children in turn. As such, all materials and techniques used in the making of my journals are carefully chosen for their durable quality and archival nature.

All McCall Company books are hand-made from beginning to end by Nate McCall. Only the finest paper is chosen to be folded into page signatures, which are then sewn together with high-quality French linen thread, which in turn has been hand-drawn through beeswax for longevity and strength. Headbands are then either attached or hand-embroidered, improving both the aesthetics and structure of the book. I use a variety of leathers and cloths to cover my creations, but all of them are of the highest archival quality. 

I love making custom books for my customers. There is something just so special about a one-of-a-kind book, made with you or the recipient in mind. While I continue to make books for a ready to ship option, commissions are always welcome. If you would like your own bespoke journal, please contact me HERE